Cristina Barna

Born and raised in Northern Italy, Cristina was immersed in all types of art from the very beginning. Thus painting, architecture, music and film have all had huge influences on the multifaceted aesthetic and chameleon design personalities she is now known for.

Having dipped her toes in most aspects of production during her career, from storyboarding and filmmaking, to CG and cel, when directing, Cristina believes all stories and techniques are worlds worth exploring. A lover of all that’s expressive and a jack of all trades, she strives to find beauty in any new experience, technique, or media. This passion and curiosity translates to a wide spectrum of aesthetics that go from minimal, dark CG, to colorful cel animation, even to the far reaches of comic book concept art and hyper realistic digital painting.

In her personal life, she’s always learning something new. Whether it’s playing another instrument, testing the latest homemade recipe in her kitchen, practicing the ultimate karaoke song in the East Village, or straight up flying planes –her goal in life is to become the ultimate renaissance woman.