We develop highly acclaimed content with a focus on concept, creation, and unique narratives.

We are a creative production company driven by curiosity and an eagerness to engage viewers on an emotional level. Blending artistry with emerging techniques, we forge content that innovates and entices. Always moving forward. Always reimagining the norm. As a globally recognized and full-service studio with physical offices in Los Angeles and New York and world-reaching remote capabilities; we are partners with and surrounded by a broad collection of award-winning creators who produce work that is driven by substance and supported by style.

For new business inquiries please reach out to [email protected].

2800 Clearwater St.
Los Angeles CA, 90039

Managing Executive Producer

Kirsten Noll
[email protected]

Executive Producer

Antonio Hardy
[email protected]

Marketing / Press Inquiries

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Executive Producer

Peter Hullinger
[email protected] 




180 Varick St #936
New York, NY 10014

Managing Director / Executive Producer

Anne Skopas
[email protected] 

Executive Producer

Kate Aspell
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Sedona Productions
Kim Wildenburg
[email protected]
Ph: +61 421 285 277


Hestyreps Inc.
Hesty Leibtag
[email protected]
Lisa Batke
[email protected]
Ph: +1 416 917 6791


East Coast

Miss Smith
Jamie Scalera
Sasha Stern
[email protected]
Ph: 917 237 6532