Akamai 'The Intelligent Edge'


Live Action

Beneath each sport vignette lies a metaphorical story of navigating chaos through a vast and volatile digital space. These stories are about the willingness to overcome and the strength of the underlying Akamai technology. Unrivaled content delivery, performance, and security are portrayed by three elite athletes who shift and adapt to any obstacle thrown their way.

From the moment we got eyes on the unique concept to create films beyond the traditional tech explainer, we dove in headfirst with our friends at Doremus and never looked back. We crafted an artful and energetic visual world through the mixture of colorful lighting, practical weather FX, and high-speed photography. With a dash of Scholar animation, we elevated the live-action pieces into a space rippling with coding and data visualization.

Welcome to the Edge of the internet.

  • Production Company: Scholar

  • Director: Chris Finn

  • Managing Director: Jo Arghiris

  • Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke

  • Line Producer: Rich Kaylor

  • DP: Andres Bermúdez

  • Production Designer: Nicolás Duque

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Chris Finn

  • Art Director: Vin Kim

  • Managing Director: Jo Arghiris

  • Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke

  • Senior Producer: Nicole Smarsh

  • Designers: Sam Cividanis, Alex Maltsev, Daniel Onassis

  • 2D Animators: Kenny Kerut, Joakim Ekstroem, Phil Hoeschen, Jeffrey JIP Jeong, Ryan Sommerville

  • 3D Generalists: Ryan Kaplan, Kevin Kolodinsky, Kevin Lim

  • Compositors: Ryan Kaplan, Josh Bolin, Michael Loney, Lisa Ryan

  • Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy, Jeff Langlosi

  • Storyboards: Fred Fassberger

  • Editor: Jason Webb, Healy Snow

  • Assistant Editor: Micky Tsang

  • Colorist: Seth Ricart

  • Mix & Sound Design: John Black, Tom Gilbert


Layers of Akamai coding were integrated into particle simulations, to create data visualization that peels back the curtain of the unseen-coding world living just beneath the surface. Like atoms ricocheting, the data embellishes the motion of each athlete and draws intensity into every impact.




We stylized the lighting and cinematography, filling it with color and drama, building off of the branding to create ownable visual wrappers for each sport, then paired it with a dynamic approach to speed and time that dips in and out of slow motion.