Apple Arcade


Apple Arcade 'Disney Melee Mania'



Let’s get ready to MELEEEEEE! We jumped into the ring with the power duo of Apple Arcade and Disney to create a trailer fit for an over-the-top gaming experience like no other. Where can you see Moana go toe-to-toe with Buzz? Or Timon dive-kicking Wreck-It Ralph? Taking inspiration from classic fighting games and the world of Wrestlemania, we developed a visual style that would reflect the excitement and energy of walking out on center stage. Energetic camera motion and dazzling lights evoke epic title bouts while our cast’s signature moves and playful personalities each get their moment to shine. It’s a flurry of character and fun that will have you rearing to get into the arena.

  • Creative Director: Macauley Johnson 
  • Art Director: Madison Ellis 
  • Executive Producer: Antonio Hardy 
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh 
  • CG Supervisor: Matt Berenty 
  • Sr Producer: Seth Gantman 
  • Coordinator: Bella Bergeron 
  • Designers: Jina Kwon, Danni Fisher-Shin, Susie Scheer, My Tran, Isabella Lion, Grace Poole, Anna Vallario, Dennie Bright, Robert Paul Jr. 
  • 2D Animators: Sam Bachman, Jae Woo Park, Matt Andrews
  • Model/Texture Artists: Lucia Huang
  • Rigging: John Bloch, Nico Sanghrajka
  • 3D Animators: Han Hu, Michael Relth, Tyler Mele, Evan McGowan, Isidore Holder, Sarah Wolfe, Stephen Van Wyk, Paul Wei, Melik Malkasian
  • 3D Generalists: Kevin Kolodinsky
  • Lighters: Manuel Riedl, Lucas Georgescu, Michael Lampe, Jamil Primas
  • Dynamics/FX: Timur Salikov, Mahmoud Elragheb
  • Compositors: Ryan Kaplan, Michael Loney, Ruoyu Li 

"Capturing the essence of the epic Melee Area meant combining iconic Disney characters with a raw and over-the-top wrestling aesthetic which created a showdown that kept us wanting more"




"Utilizing set pieces and models directly from the game allowed us to build out the Disney Melee Mania style, amping up the world into a heroic showcase of classic characters while staying true to the game's core"