Cisco Anthem


Cisco Anthem UN/BOX the future



We had an exciting opportunity to collaborate with our friends at John McNeil Studio to create Cisco's UN/BOX the Future: an invitation to a world where anything is possible with technology. We put our architect hats on and constructed the visual language of what the future of unlimited possibilities could look like. Our design process evolved into a simple but carefully engineered network of abstract shapes to represent the world beyond our imagination.


Design & Animation: Scholar
Creative Directors: William Campbell, Michael Tavarez
Art Director: Vin Kim
Managing Director: Jo Arghiris
Executive Producers: Antonio Hardy, Kirsten Noll
Heads of Production: Tyler Locke
CG Supervisor: Brice Linane
Producer: Kev Jones
Designers: Antoinie Eugene, Cam Floyd, Irma Hasanic, Vin Kim, Sam Cividanis,
Kirt Critoph, Fred Huelar, Travis Mangoang, Cameron Spencer, Rudy Taege, Michael Tello 
2D Animator: Kenny Kerut
Model/Texture Artists: David Avetisov, Travis Mangoang, Anthony Thomas 
3D Animators: Vin Kim, Kirt Critoph, Paul Wei
Lighters: Jensen Abler, Anthony Thomas
Compositor: Michael Dobbs
Compositing Supervisor & Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy

Editorial: Scholar
Assistant Editor: Dominic Strazulo

Agency: John McNeil Studio

"We had to think outside the box, but also within the box and beyond the box a little bit too."


"We wanted to create a language that communicated the idea of cloud technology through styles ranging from simplistic forms to a complex array of multifaceted objects. Through motion design, we were able to bridge the gap between these worlds in a way that feels sophisticated and intelligent."