Citgo 'Let's Go'


Recent, Animation

A dash of handcrafted charm, interconnected with tasteful transitions, brought to life with nuanced character details. Our happy place.

At the core, we wanted you to feel transported. We wanted the chaos of everyday life to dissipate into the background, bringing our viewers to a world only possible with the freedom of exploration. We captured the spirit of adventure with a whimsical and fun animation style, using the artistic expression of a fully illustrated world to our advantage. We took the opportunity to make the moments feel larger than life, not only through the inherent personal touch of a hand-drawn universe but through the accentuation of the characters and landscapes themselves.  

  • Creative Director: Will Campbell

  • Art Director: Hana Eunjin Yean

  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
  • Executive Producer: Ryan McLaughlin

  • Director of Production: Tyler Locke

  • Producer: Adriane Scott-Kemp

  • Designers: Ana Chang, Irma Hasanic, Madison Kelly, Jina Kwon, Aivy Nguyen, Kyle Fewell, Karen Han, Michelle Kwon, Grace Poole

  • Storyboards: Daniel Colon 

  • Previz: Han Hu, Tyler Mele 

  • CG Generalist for Print: Matt Berenty 

  • Nuke artist for print: Matt Lavoy 

  • 2D Animators: Olivia Blanc, Michael Relth, Julia Simas, Khylin Woodrow

  • Compositors: Andrew Tan

“Through composition and lighting we captured the intangible essence of national parks and natural landscapes that inspire and remind us we are alive.”


We always want to use our creative power to expand the norm and make characters that feel authentic and representative of our everyday lives.”