Froot Loops


Froot Loops 'Jumbo Snax'

We loved being able to take our Froot Loops' characters all the way to the final frontier! Crafting both a real-world and a fantastical journey into space gave us the opportunity to expand everything that is possible for Froot Loops Snax –from rings of sugary crystals to massive nebulas and gravity-expanding planets. We loved it all.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Director: Chace Hartman

  • Art Director: Liam Elias

  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas

  • Executive Producer: Kate Aspell

  • Head of Production: Nakia Cooper

  • CG Supervisor: Matt Berenty

  • Senior Producer: Andrew Rindlaub

  • Designers: Leah Evans, Felipe Hansen, Helen Slavutsky, Laura Yan

  • 2D Animators: Sam Bachman

  • Model/Texture Artists: Matt Berenty, DJ Kim, Atsuki Hirose

  • Lead Animator: Han Hu

  • 3D Animators: Han Hu, Stephen van Wyk, Michael Sime

  • 3D Rigger: Nico Sanghrajka

  • Lighters: Matt Berenty, DJ Kim, Kevin Lu

  • Dynamics/FX: Kirt Critoph

  • Compositing Lead: Rachel Moon

  • Compositors: Rachel Moon, Chu Chu, Herculano Fernandes

  • Matte Painters: Tae Kim, Teun van der Zalm

  • Storyboards: Daniel Colon

"We had so much fun imagining the Froot Loops worlds in the previous campaign that having the opportunity to push ourselves, the visual world, and the characters all under the narrative of a space adventure allowed us to expand every detail big and small."


"We wanted to make sure every detail got the same level of attention creatively as well as in craft. From illuminated buttons on the spaceship's control panel and the kids' new spacesuits to the bumper stickers on the family car."


"A space film doesn't exist without FX. So accordingly, we splurged a bit. From the gravity-defying sugar crystal rings, to the tiny froot loop shaped thrusters. Our team brought real particle dynamics to our stylized Frooter Space, resulting in a familiar world, yet ownable to the Froot Loops brand."