Hermès 'Hermazing'

In collaboration with artist Mike Perry and Hermès, "Hermazing” weaves a captivating tale that features charming characters, playful humor, and a whimsical setting you can’t wait to be a part of. Taking Mike’s designs, the Hermès brand, and our animation expertise, we joined forces to bring this iconic world to life in every season, a true testament to the magic that unfolds when artistic visions intertwine. Staying true to Mike’s handcrafted style, we infused our unique Scholar touch to result in a whimsical landscapes that leaves viewers eagerly anticipating the magic that Hèrmes has yet to unveil.

  • Design/Concept/Storyboards: Mike Perry
  • Animation: Scholar
  • Director: Mike Perry
  • Associate Creative Director: Madison Ellis
  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
  • Sr Producer: Andrew Rindlaub
  • Associate Producer: Caroline Kaczynski
  • 2D Animators: Sam Bachman, Kenny Kerut
  • Cel Animators: Ana Chang, Jee Kim, Kiron Robinson, Erica Perez, Michael Relth

"Every season is inspired by a certain set of happenings at Maison Madison 706, Hermès flagship store in New York City. Filled with Mike’s flavorful characters and animated with our zany touch of the lively and unexpected, there is no better way to enjoy a tease of each season."



"So rarely do you get a project where fun is at the forefront from start to finish. Every piece of the designs brought a smile to our face so it was vital to continue that through animation and final delivery."


"At its heart, the animation was about bringing each distinctive character to life and capturing the movement behind Mike’s signature hand-drawn style. Every moment had a subtle wink, leaving viewers eager to explore more. The simplicity of the cameras allowed ample space for the characters, effects, and design elements to shine, creating a lush world with a burst of fun, all within 15 short seconds."