JanSport 'Lighten the Load Campaign'


Live Action

Simply put, life is hard. Especially with the recent state of the world only feeling crazier and scarier by the moment, there are a lot of things swirling around in our heads all of the time. But it is exactly times like these where it’s crucial to address the need to come together, share how we are feeling and support each other.

JanSport asked us to participate in confronting this need by crafting their heartwarming #LightenTheLoad campaign. To do this we reached out to five young adults navigating through their own tough times, asking them to open up about their struggles in the hopes of lightening their mental load by sharing. We couldn’t have felt more honored to be part of an initiative so meaningful and important, and only hope this campaign spreads positive encouragement like wildfire throughout the world.

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Director: Will Campbell
  • Managing Director/EP: Jo Arghiris
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke
  • DP: Adam Carboni
  • Production Supervisor: Spencer Moritz
  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Will Campbell
  • Art Director: Hana Eunjin Yean
  • Managing Director/EP: Jo Arghiris
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke
  • Sr Producer: Bridgette Spalding
  • Designers: Hana Eunjin Yean, Madison Kelly, Esther Moon, Brandon Smith
  • 2D Animators: Danni Fisher-Shin, Irma Hasanic, Kenny Kerut, Madison Kelly, Irene Feleo
  • Cel Animators: Danni Fisher-Shin, Amy Wallace, Taik Lee, Will Pittas, Irene Feleo, Oliver Wee
  • Compositors: Eva Flodstrom, Clark Rivas
  • Colorist/Flame Artist: Suzanne Scharping
  • Editorial: Scholar
  • Editor: Zach Vandlik
  • Sound & Design Mix Company: Barking Owl
  • Client: JanSport
  • Agency: Haymaker

"Creating illustrations to pair with these young adults personal stories felt like we were crafting visual poetry. We carefully composed abstract, artful visuals with an essence of the emotions people go through."


"This shoot was produced deep in the throws of quarantine and was full of unique challenges. We created five complete production kits, shipped them to the talent, and walked each one through the setup over video chat. Even though we were so far apart, this process brought everyone involved closer together and filled the project with passion and care."

"The goal was to amplify their stories with art, echoing their voices to strengthen communication. We can get through this together. Let’s share, support, and spread the love."