Microsoft Copilot


Microsoft Copilot 'AI for All'

At a time when everyone was talking about AI, but many people were also struggling to intuitively grasp how it could be useful, we got the opportunity to work with Microsoft on an insightful campaign. Instead of getting technical, these spots focused on how using Copilot to make work life easier makes you feel, with a funny, edgy, creative tone. We at Scholar speak fluent meme, and faster than you can say “Boomshakalaka,” we were coming up with wild animation ideas, storyboarding live-action transitions, and designing elevated user interface interpretations. The end result could only have come from the wild creative hive mind that is Scholar.

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Director(s): Will Campbell, Sean Martin
  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
  • Executive Producer: Kate Aspell
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
  • Line Producer: Rich Kaylor
  • DP: Manuel Caballero
  • Production Designer: Stephanie Trazancos


  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director(s): William Campbell, Cristina Barna, Sean Martin
  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
  • Executive Producer: Kate Aspell
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
  • Sr Producer: Seth Gantman
  • Production Coordinator: Alexandera Marca
  • Designers: Ana Chang, Liam Elias, Madison Ellis, Irma Hasanic, Jina Kwon,  Macauley Johnson
  • 2D Animators: Sam Bachman, Kenny Kerut
  • Cel Animators: Sam Bachman, Ana Chang
  • Compositors: Ryan Kaplan, Rachel Moon, Kevin Njoo
  • Flame Artist: Matt Lavoy
  • Editor: Dominic Strazulo
  • Assistant Editor: Adrianna McKinley, Luke Buckley
  • Colorist: Matt Lavoy


  • Mix & Sound Design: Wave Studio
  • Artist & Track Name:
  • Meeting Prep: “Why” by Empire of Excellence
  • Teamwork: “You Got This” by The Home of Happy
  • Customers: “Fresh to Death” by Lunareh
  • Growth: “Lesssss Go” by Matt Wigton
  • Data: “Fast Slide”
  • Brainstorm: “Tick Tock” by Ivy Bakes
  • Catch Up: “Been Awhile” by Neon Bench
  • Before and After :30: “Straight Crushin” by Matt Wigton

That feeling when all the dots connect


That feeling when you know why they love you


That feeling when your creative process jumpstarts

"This project was a fantastic opportunity for Scholar to flex all of its creative muscles. From live action to animation, from branded content to unusual visual approaches, the team was able to bring expertise and humor every step of the way –and while managing all the different techniques and spots was a unique exercise in multitasking, the collaboration process really brought the best out of our collective creativity."



“There’s a cheeky tone that we protected from the initial pitch through to the final product, never letting it get watered down. It shows in the casting, the colorful wardrobe, the performances, and the wild meme-like animations. The spots have a specific offbeat voice, and are more successful for it.”

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