Nike 'G-Dragon'


Recent, Live Action

With beautiful Nike still photography as our foundation, we took cues from nature and infused just the right amount of CG to simulate the passage of time. By replicating the growth cycle of the Daisy and the withering of the shoe’s exterior, we hoped to capture the subtlety and organic beauty of traditional time-lapse photography.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Will Johnson
  • Associate Creative Director: Michael Tavarez
  • Managing Director / E.P.: Jo Arghiris
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke
  • CG Supervisor: Tim Hayward
  • CG Lead: Matt Berenty
  • Producer: Kev Jones
  • Model/Texture Artist: Jacques Clement
  • 3D Animator: Bri Meyer
  • Compositor: Tsuyoshi Kobayashi


  • Mix & Sound Design: Scholar
  • Mix & Sound Designer: Jason Webb


  • Music: Scholar
  • Composer: Jason Webb 


  • Client: Nike


“This was a project that sneaker-heads and CG nerds alike could truly rally behind. Luckily, we are both of those things.”