Priory 'Put Em Up'


Recent, Live Action

We are always open to new challenges and unique ways to push our craft. When we were approached by Priory, a talented band based out of Portland, we knew we were going to get a chance to make something beautiful. Within the lyrics is an extremely personal message and the song “Put Em Up” is a positive expression of love and acceptance. For us, it was a great chance to get behind the lens and capture the beauty inside people. Our primary goal was to strip away everyone’s everyday burden, the shield that we all inherently cling to out of comfort and safety, and reveal how similar we all really are. It was amazing to watch a group of complete strangers come together on a rainy Northwest day to bring so much warmth and humanity to our story. We hope you enjoy.

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Directors: William Campbell & Will Johnson
  • Executive Producer/HOP: Rachel Kaminek
  • Line Producer: Tommy Dingwall
  • DP: Tom Banks
  • Producer: Nikki Maniolas
  • Flame Artist: Federico Saccone
  • Editorial: Whitehouse Post
  • Editor: James Dierx
  • Band: Priory
  • Track: 'Put Em Up'
  • Band Members: Brandon Rush, Kyle Sears
  • Management: Red Light Management
  • Band Manager: Rich Holtzmon
  • Record Label: Warner Brothers
  • Head of Video: Devin Sarno

"What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh no, it's curved like a road through the mountains."

- Tennessee Williams

Boys Will Be Boys

Working with the wonderful guys from Priory and collaborating on an idea that highlighted amazing key issues that are so relevant in the world today gave us a new glimpse into what freedom means to everyone. For us it is about being allowed to be artistically free, but there is so much more at stake than that. We were honored to be surrounded with such an amazing group of people for the days that we filmed up in Portland and happy that not only the city but the community embraced us as much as we embrace them. We could not be happier with how the piece turned out and it holds a very personal place in our hearts. Thank you again to everyone involved in this film.

Behind The Lens