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San Diego Zoo 'Africa Rocks - Destination'


Recent, Animation

Alongside our friends at M&C Saatchi LA, we set out to establish Africa Rocks at the San Diego Zoo not just as an exhibit—but as a destination chock full of adventure and discovery.

In the films, we follow a troop of Hamadryas Baboons as they make their way through the breathtaking Ethiopian Highlands terrain. Surrounded by vibrant bright orange Hot Poker plants, our hero Baboon and real-life San Diego Zoo celebrity, Elvis leads the way. 

  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Will Johnson
  • Managing Director: Jo Arghiris
  • Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll
  • Head of Production: Tyler Locke
  • Lead Designer: Cam Floyd
  • Associate Producer: Kev Jones
  • Designer: Jina Kwon
  • 2D Animator: Kenny Kerut
  • Cel Animators: Laura Yilmaz, Ana Chang, Blake Patrick
  • Mix & Sound Design Company: Margarita Mix
  • Mix & Sound Designer: Paul Hurtubise
  • Client: San Diego Zoo
  • Agency: M&C Saatchi LA

Next to a field of Pincushion-Protea flowers, we dive head first off of gigantic granite boulders and into the water with a colony of Cape Fynbos Penguins. Finally, we even spend some time hanging out underneath the majestic Africa Rocks Waterfall.


"Channeling the magic and nostalgia of vintage travel posters, we created bright, bold illustrations and brought them to life using a combination of contemporary and classic animation techniques."

We continued to develop the vibrant and graphic world of the Ethiopian for San Diego Zoo's Nighttime Zoo Campaign. Following our troop of baboons, we make our way through misty mountains and lush valleys to a sweeping vista after dusk.

"Merging the graphic charm of vintage travel posters with the awe-inspiring beauty of the Ethiopian Highlands at dusk, it was a fun challenge to transform familiar environments from day into night and provided us an opportunity to push creative boundaries once again!"