Target 'Deal Days'


Animation, Live Action

We’ve been on a bunch of adventures with Bullseye before, always in lush stylized CG worlds, but this was a new opportunity to blend him with live action footage and our metaphorical tails were wagging from the very start. We set about upgrading his rendering style to feel more photorealistic, while taking care not to lose the iconic Bullseye “look.” As he scoots around the store, preparing it for guests, he gives aisles and displays the magic finishing touch (sparkles and all). Keep an eye out on your next Target run, because Bullseye has officially entered our multiverse.

  • Production Company: Scholar
  • Directors: Will Campbell & Sean Martin
  • Managing E.P.: Kirsten Noll
  • Executive Producer: Peter Hullinger
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
  • Line Producer: Richard Kaylor
  • DP: Steve McGeehee
  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Director: Sean Martin
  • Managing E.P.: Kirsten Noll
  • Executive Producer: Peter Hullinger
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
  • CG Supervisor: Brice Linane
  • Sr Producer: Michael Heil
  • Associate Producer: Spencer Moritz
  • Model/Texture Artists: Tim Hayward, Olivia Trotter
  • 3D Animators: Han Hu, Kevin Kolodinsky, Derek Friesenborg
  • 3D Generalists: Brice Linane
  • Lighters: Brice Linane, Kevin Njoo
  • Dynamics/FX: Tim Hayward
  • Compositors: Dae Kang, Matt Lavoy, Rachel Moon, Kevin Njoo, Cody Chen, Mercedes Paulino
  • Compositing Lead / Flame Artist: Rachel Moon
  • Storyboards: Amy Wallace
  • Editorial: Scholar
  • Media Manager: Adrianna McKinley
  • Telecine: Rare Medium
  • Colorist: Mikey Rossiter
  • Mix & Sound Design: Sisterboxx
  • Mix & Sound Designer: Micah Johnson
  • Music: Mutiny Recordings
  • Artist & Track Name: CAL!CO “Coming Up”

"All of Bullseye's rendering details became more realistic from the skin textures on his nose and paw pads to his handsome leather collar, and especially his fur length and grooming. We fully overhauled his fur system with a custom groom in XGen and a nose-to-tail refresh of his textures and shaders in Substance." 

Meet Bullseye!



"The live action production was carefully considered from previs to post. We blocked our early animation using real store dimensions and rolled right into the location scout knowing where to place the lens, how tall Bullseye was going to be, and what his action was. Beyond the typical 3D camera tracking and HDR lighting capture, there were some pretty technical shots to composite on this one, especially the clothing transformation. On set we puppeteered 11 different individual clothing items one at a time to drape and settle, and our lead compositor stitched all those footage plates together into one seamless magic trick."

Behind the Scenes