Verizon Welcome 5G Home

Verizon 5G Home is a groundbreaking product that brings speed, simplicity, and power to the forefront of 5G innovation. We celebrated these pillars with a film that metaphorically captures these ideas in a sleek and premium container. A white-on-white world undulating with energy and artful climaxes with just the right blossom of color.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar

  • Creative Directors: Sean Martin, Chris Finn, Will Johnson

  • Art Director: Wu Hyun Lew

  • Managing Director / Executive Producer: Anne Skopas

  • Managing Executive Producer: Kirsten Noll

  • Executive Producer: Nic Barnes

  • Head of Production: Ryan McLaughlin

  • Producers: Kev Jones, Adriane Scott-Kemp 

  • Associate Producer: Thomas Spadafora

  • Designers: Chris Finn, Vin Kim, Wu Hyun Lew, Sean Martin, Seba Morales, Artem Otvodenkov, Cameron Spencer

  • 2D Animators: Chris Finn, Irma Hasanic, Vin Kim, Wu Hyun Lew, Sean Martin, Matt Andrews, Antoinie Eugene, Jeffrey “Jip” Jeong, JaeWoo Park

  • Model/Texture Artists: Tim Hayward, Erwin Riau, Anthony Thomas

  • 3D Animators: Sean Martin, Chris Finn, Wu Hyun Lew, Vin Kim, Jeffrey “Jip” Jeong, Jay Kim, JaeWoo Park

  • Dynamics/FX: Matt Lavoy, Jay Kim, Daniel Moreno, James Williams

  • Senior Compositor: Ryan Kaplan 

  • Compositors: Aaron Baker, Cris Kong, Kevin Njoo

  • Storyboards: Lanny Markasky

  • Editor: Dominic Strazulo

  • Mix & Sound Design & Music: Sonic Union 

  • Mix & Sound Designer: Fernando Ascani

  • Agency: McCann

"Carefully crafted use of lighting and shadow brings depth and shape to a simplistic space, with a product molded from its environment with fine, textural details that highlight the form. Each layer works in tandem to create an ownable and artfully exciting launch."


“A large part of this film was finding the perfectly minimal composition to spotlight the product. To execute the metaphors in CG we only utilized selective ingredients: fluid, particles & wires. After numerous explorations and test animations, we narrowed it down to the vignettes that best capture the narrative of the film.”