Visible wireless


Visible wireless '2023 Brand Refresh'



We jumped at the opportunity to take Visible wireless into new territory for this brand refresh campaign. With the goal of creating an authentically relatable vibe, our team mashed up unexpected textures, mesmerizing animation, and flying piggy banks to create an energy filled content library. Each set, icon and object were crafted to strike that balance of playful creativity and chill sophistication. From the looping animations to the full spots, our Visible customers will feel good about making a smart choice with a company that just gets them.

  • Design & Animation: Scholar
  • Creative Directors: Gerald Ding, Chris Finn, Michael Tavarez
  • Managing Director / E.P.: Anne Skopas
  • Executive Producers: Antonio Hardy, Monica Reimold
  • Director of Production: Tyler Locke
  • Head of Production: Nicole Smarsh
  • Producer: Mary Mondrus
  • Associate Producer: Marcus Fussell
  • CG Lead: Michael Cafarelli
  • Designers: Kirt Citroph, Vin Kim, Kevin Kolodinsky, Jina Kwon, Brice Linane, Susie Scheer, Olivia Trotter, Cristina Barna, Zachary Blais, Siena Mae, Paul McMahon, Anthony Maiuri, Jose Ponce, Javier Tomassi, Garret Walter
  • Model/Texture Artists: Olivia Trotter
  • 3D Generalists: Kirt Citroph, Zachary Blais, Paul McMahon, Anthony Maiuri, Jose Ponce, Garret Walter
  • Delivery Tech: Adrianna McKinley
  • Agency: Madwell 

We crafted a Visible wireless universe, a vibe factory that pumps out magnetic animations and genuine smiles.”


“This campaign represents a complete brand overhaul, drawing inspiration from evolving tastes and delivering the Visible message with a refreshingly bold point of view.”

The Toolkit

"The focus of the toolkit was to make sure the assets we created could work on their own as well as together in composed scenes. Keeping them simple enough to not be overbearing, but detailed enough to stand on their own was important. Finding the perfect balance helped inform the designs."